Course Introduction – The Woods

There are times when the simplest things can nudge you in a direction. When I began looking at courses, I had no pre-conceived notions of what “West Virginia golf” should look like. As such, I was just flipping through course tours and looking for something that caught my eye. That’s when I saw this hole at The Woods

I love this! What a fantastic (and amusing) name it was for a golf hole! Of course, anyone can give a hole a great name, so I checked out the images…

Photo by Woods Homeowner, Don Brewer

I wasn’t amused anymore (okay maybe a little, it’s still an amazing name)… but, what a beautiful hole! And the rest of the course seems to back it up. Elevation changes seem to be the norm and when they say “Carved from a forest, Mountain View’s fairways are framed by dogwood, maple, oak, and pine trees” they really mean carved from a forest.

The woods also boasts a tee box with a panoramic vista of three different states (MD, PA, WV). Day 21 is West Virginia, and it should be terrific!

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