Charity Introduction – Women Helping Other Women

Women Helping Other Women (WHOW) is a Tulsa based organization with a dual focus I find particularly attractive. While a self-mentoring, educating, and networking group for women to help them “reach their full potential through education, career advancement, and business opportunities” the group simultaneously “supports local organizations which include women’s shelters, women in poverty, mentor-ship […]

Charity Introduction – Kindred Spirits

As their website points out, frequently in this country, we consider our animals “disposable” when they get beyond a certain age or level of productivity. I’ve never liked this notion (or approach) so I was encouraged and delighted when I was introduced to Kindred Spirits, an eldercare/hospice sanctuary for animals and our charity spotlight for […]

Charity Introduction – TURN

In 1973 a group of Utah parents were concerned. Their children with developmental disabilities were growing up and the options for them as adults were very limited. Typically at that time, if you were developmentally disabled and hit adulthood you were either institutionalized, or stayed at home unable to actively participate in society. Banding together […]